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Dec 26, 2012

Investigation of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) Course

The IICI, in consultation with recognized experts in the investigation and prosecution of SGBV as international crimes, has designed a training course to specifically focus on the successful investigation of SGBV crimes under international humanitarian and human rights law.

The goal of the IICI in offering this course is to achieve the normalisation and centralisation of sexual violence as part and parcel of any international criminal or human rights investigation.  The course aims to demystify this type of investigation through building skills, focusing on those who work for international criminal tribunals, those who are engaged in commissions of enquiry, or human rights investigators confronted with cases of SGBV.  The design and delivery of this course is also intended to result in the creation of a core group of experts and expert trainers who can lead investigations into SGBV crimes; who can train others and who can be part of multi-disciplinary teams to ensure this aspect of investigations is properly included in investigations.  It will ultimately result in building a community of international investigators who have the specific skills to investigate – and train others to investigate – sexual violence as a violation of international criminal law, in particular in the context of the global south.

In the course of this project the IICI also aims to establish practical written guidelines for those involved in SGBV investigations.

The first IICI SGBV Investigations Course was held in The Hague from 30 January – 3 February 2012 (read more).

Dates for future SGBV Investigations courses will be announced on this site under "upcoming courses".